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Updated December 14, 2021

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I am so excited to share the amazing transformation of the dog website design for the Peppy Paws Blog! In this post, I’m sharing all of the project details (including the tech stack we used), the before and after pictures, Heidi’s honest feedback, and more.

If you haven’t met Heidi, the owner of Peppy Paws, she is a passionate dog advocate & dog lover!

Heidi started the Peppy Paws website because she wanted to provide a way to help dogs with hip and joint pain and digestive issues. Knowing dogs often mask their pain, she started selling dog supplements on Amazon and had amazing success.

Her supplement line was the first baby step towards doing something big for dogs. Ultimately, that’s what gave life to the Peppy Paws pet blog. Heidi continues to share valuable tips, resources, and information with fellow animal lovers and dog owners. She writes about a wide range of topics from dog training and behavior tips to the best dog treats and dog food and everything in between.

Heidi’s Website Dilemma

When I met Heidi, she had two websites:

  1. She had a blog that she designed herself on the Duda website builder under the “Peppy Paws Furever” domain.
  2. And her e-commerce shop was hosted on Shopify on the “Peppy-Paws” domain.

She was managing two websites for one brand which was a little messy and confusing. Not to mention, she had duplicate content on both sites which was hurting her ability to rank for key terms on search engines.

Heidi really wanted to move everything over to 1 website on WordPress.

She said, “Because I had my website on another hosting site which I did not ‘own’, I was worried that if anything happened to that company I would lose my entire business.”

When Heidi asked how she could covert her websites over to WordPress in a Facebook group for bloggers, she said I came highly recommended. We hopped on a discovery call, created a game plan for her project and the rest was history!

About the Dog Website Design Functionality

Heidi really wanted to clean up the website design, making it cleaner and more visually appealing while reflecting her personality.

We stuck with the color palette she was using on her Duda website – using magenta, teal, and shades of blue and gray. These colors are bold!

Without the proper use of neutral colors and white space throughout the design, these colors can become overpowering, but we were able to make it work beautifully.

My favorite part is how we designed and developed the home page. Believe it or not, we actually started with the Rae Child Theme and we transformed it into a completely unique design that capture’s Heidi’s personal style! You wouldn’t even be able to tell this website came from a website template.

The WordPress Theme & Page Builder We Used TO Achieve Heidi’s Design

  • THEME – We moved Heidi from Shopify and Duda to a WordPress website using the Kadence Theme Pro & Rae Child Theme which we customized to fit her blog and business goals.
  • WEBSITE BUILDER – I also used the Kadence Blocks Pro plugin to design the site without touching a single line of code.

I highly recommend the Kadence theme and blocks plugin for any business owner aiming to get a beautiful web design while maintaining fast site speeds! Kadence also has a robust free theme and free website block builder plugin you can also try before upgrading.

Heidi’s Feedback & Project Experience

I asked Heidi about her feedback and experience working together on the website design project. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: What do you think about the new Dog website design?

“I love that the new website design is ‘cleaner’ and way more user-friendly. The website I designed on Duda was “pretty” but probably was too busy and not super user-friendly.

I don’t really think I was connecting to my website before as a business and now that it’s been redesigned and is on WordPress I feel I have a real business and can’t wait to get my blog posts cleaned up and work on getting traffic to the site.

Heidi C.

Q: What Did you learn from working with Katy?

“While Katy was redoing my website she shared several insights, do’s and don’ts, and suggestions about how I can create my content, post it, get opt-ins, and ultimately make sales. I very much appreciated her expert advice.”

Heidi C.

Q: What was your favorite part about working together?

“I have spent a ton of money hiring people online, coaching, masterminds, courses, etc, and I truly believe this is not only the first time someone met my expectations, but Katy exceeded them by far. She knows her way around WordPress and that was made very clear during this project.

I would also state that Katy runs her business like a business. Even though she’s a solopreneur, she had all the proper paperwork in place to get started and the project management system. It was clear this wasn’t Katy’s first project. That gave me confidence throughout the whole job as well!”

Heidi C.

Q: What surprised you most about your experience working with katy?

“I think just that she showed up all the time whether behind the scenes or on scheduled calls. Not once was anything delayed or rescheduled. I also think she over-delivered some things I wasn’t expecting and that was a very big (and pleasant) surprise.”

Heidi C.

Q: Was it worth the investment?

“Yes! I am 100% satisfied with the value I received from what I paid. will refer others to Katy any chance I can.

If you are on the fence about hiring Katy to build a website, my advice is to do it. Katy delivered everything on time, was professional, knows what she’s doing, and showed compassion while working with me. It was an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Just having someone do what they say they are going to do was refreshing for me and Katy went above and beyond that.

Heidi C.

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