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Child Development Coach Website Design For Milestone Mom

“I felt like Katy took my business on as her own. There were things that I hadn’t even thought about doing that she would bring to my attention. Even if it was nearing the end of our deadline, she was still suggesting things. This showed me that she was not in a “hurry” to complete just another project, but to make it exactly what I wanted and needed.”

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Deciding To Hire Katy

Before hiring Katy, what made you decide that it was time for a new website?

“I felt that my business life was just a mess! If I wanted to create a freebie, workshop, or course, I didn’t really have a good place to put it on my website. I’m also a Pediatric Developmental Therapist which is the reason I started my online business. But I’m also a certified elementary teacher. I knew that I needed to seamlessly combine my love of creating printables with the love of educating parents about their child’s development.”

How did you originally hear about Katy & her website design services?

I hired Grayson Bell from IMark Interactive a while back to take care of the backend of my website in WordPress. He knew that I wanted to steer away from Elementor and add Kadance to my website. He highly recommended Katy.

Why did you choose to work with Katy over all of the other options?

  1. The number one reason is that she was referred by Grayson, and I value his opinions.
  2. I know Katy is a pro at Kadence. I knew that I needed a website designed so that I could then take it over myself (instead of dealing with all of the coding stuff).

The Design / Working With Katy

What do you love most about the new website? 

“Can I say everything??? At no fault to Katy, this project took a little longer than both Katy and I had planned. Mostly because I am horrible at making decisions, Lol. But also because we were trying to find a way to seamlessly combine the printable side of my business with the developmental side. After much patience on Katy’s part, we have 100% achieved that goal!”

How do you think the new website will impact/ improve your business?

“Remember early when I mentioned that my old website was just a mess? Well, now I have a strong solid foundation to build my business on. This is something I have been lacking for years! If I want to create a freebie, I know exactly where I’m going to put it. If I want to create a course, I can choose between the baby, toddler, and preschool pages to add it to. I honestly can’t wait to see where my business goes from here. I have to also mention something else that I failed to neglect over the years, the SEO of not only my website but also my blog posts. Through Katy’s education, I feel that I have a much better grasp on this now.”

As a result of your new website design, what transformation have you seen in your business, or what did you learn from working with Katy?

“First and foremost, I am ready to focus on creating my free options as well as my workshops, courses, and printable content. Honestly, the transformation has been within me. Which will, in return, gives me the joy, motivation, and drive to grow my business. Just laying that solid foundation with my website was a huge building block in my business.”

What was your favorite part about working together?

“Again, can I say everything? I have been in the online business space for, wow, over 7 years, I think. In that time, I’ve had several different people work for me. I’ve had people “say” they know what they are doing when really they don’t, I’ve actually had others take my money, and another scenario is when I would pay people to do work and would have to chase them via email to see if they completed the task. With Katy, it was SO different.

Not only did she come through on all of her promises, but she would also actually have to seek me out on a couple of different occasions to get a project completed. She stayed on top of our tasks the entire time, she held me accountable, and she kindly gave her much-needed professional opinion throughout the process.

I felt like Katy took my business on as her own. There were things that I hadn’t even thought about doing that she would bring to my attention. Even if it was nearing the end of our deadline, she was still suggesting things. This showed me that she was not in a “hurry” to complete just another project but to make it exactly what I wanted and needed.”

What surprised you most about your experience working with Katy?

“How she went above and beyond for my business. In those several months of working with Katy, I honestly felt that she adapted my business as her own. And her patience is incredible! I am a very visual person, so most of our tasks needed a video explanation behind them. She came through every single time without losing her patience.”

If you were to talk about how you felt about your business and website before working with me, how would you compare the two?

“Before hiring Katy, I got to the place where I didn’t even find joy in working on my business. Your website is the foundation of your business. Think about it, if you are on social media and link to a post on your website, you want it to look good and function well. If you are doing a youtube video and you tell people about your free opt-in, you expect that when people land on your website, they will want to stick around and look around. I was honestly embarrassed by my website. If I felt unorganized in it, so did other people. And it hindered me from creating the courses and workshops I wanted. Fast-forward to now, I can’t wait to start creating more content and sending people to my website. It is exactly what I wanted over these past 7 years, I could just never find the right person to do it.”

What do you think about the overall value of the service compared to the investment you made?

“I FINALLY have a place to teach parents about their child’s development. Not only will they receive amazing content from me, but they will get to do it on a website that is beautiful, simple, and fully functioning. And on top of that, I also now have a WooCommerce store where parents can purchase printable worksheets for their kiddos.

I used to host my shop on Shopify, but with Katy’s help, we were able to create a WooCommerce shop. I’m not going to lie, I was very hesitant about adding WooCommerce to my website for the fear of slowing it down. However, with the knowledge of Grayson and Katy, I decided to create a sub-domain for my site. Now, when you click the “shop” button, it keeps people on Milestone Mom instead of taking them to Shopify. It really is seamless.”

If you were talking to a business buddy or friend who was on the fence about hiring Katy, what advice would you give to him/her?

“I would tell them that he/she should have hired Katy yesterday!!! You will be so happy to have Katy in your design space. She’s exceptional and goes above and beyond. I honestly found a gem.”

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