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Website Design For Christian Author And Speaker, Rachel Wojo

“As a veteran blogger, I sometimes grow blind to issues that need improvement, and her vision for what could be influenced me to dream bigger. I also have an appreciation for Katy’s methodical approach to projects. Allow Katy to redesign your site, and you won’t regret it. I couldn’t be more pleased with all that she’s done, and the best part is: I’m excited to create content that shines on the canvas she laid out for me!” – Rachel Wojo

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If you’re a Christian author, speaker or blogger looking for some website design inspiration, you’re going to fall in love with Rachel Wojo’s new website! If you want all of the juicy project details, including the tech stack we used, and Rachel’s honest feedback, just keep reading.

Project Highlights

  • THEME & PAGE BUILDER – Rachel was already using the Kadence Theme Pro and the Kadence Blocks Pro plugin on her WordPress blog and website, but she needed a total design refresh. We kept her theme, since it’s what I recommend for most of my clients, and gave it a top-to-bottom strategic makeover!
  • DESIGN – For the base design, I used a handful of my pre-designed templates (which live in the DIY Dream Site template library) and customized them to fit Rachel’s specific goals! I also created several custom page designs to fit her author/ speaker/ blogging business like a glove.
  • SITE SPEED – Since Rachel was already using Kadence, which is a fast theme, we were able to maintain her high site speed score, after the redesign!

Meet Rachel Wojo

Rachel is a Christian author, public speaker, freelance writer for well known faith-based companies and Adthrive blogger. She’s known for creating inspiring Bible-based content and resources so women all over the world can fix their eyes on Jesus and move from hurting to healing. Her Bible reading plans alone have been used by more than four million people worldwide!

How Rachel & I Connected

Rachel first reached out to iMark Interactive, the company who does her WordPress backups, support and maintenance in search of help with redesigning her site. Since iMark specializes in WordPress development (not design), they referred Rachel to me.

Rachel said, “I was looking for someone to build not only a highly functional website, but also one that had a feminine and pretty design. In the beginning, I struggled to find anyone else with Kadence design expertise. When I was referred to Katy and saw examples of her work, I knew she was the right person for the job. Then after we connected on our discovery call, I was sold!”

The Reason For The Redesign

Before Rachel reached out to me, she had worked hard on her own site and even previously hired someone to move her off of the Genesis Theme and onto the Kadence Theme. While she was very pleased with her core web vitals, she was unhappy with the appearance of the site. She felt like it was not feminine enough for her readers and visually needed to be softer and more appealing.

Once we connected, it was clear to me that she was doing all of the right things with her content, we just needed to strategically reorganize her pages and transform her visual identity to attract more of her ideal client, more publishers and brand deals!

About Rachel’s Design Direction

What separates Rachel from many of the other Christian authors and Christian speakers is her ability to relate to loss and the credibility it brings for readers to know the sorrow and loss she has walked. Because Rachel’s readers are sifting through heartache, we really wanted to create a website that feels warm, inviting, spacious and clean.

The primary imagery that inspired the design was the ocean, waves and calming water. Water holds significant meaning in the Bible and in our culture as it relates to grief, loss and anxiety, so this concept heavily influenced our design decisions.

Here’s a sneak peak at the Pinterest board she pinned at the beginning of the project.

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